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Vehicle Detailing

Get the Basics About Professional Vehicle Detailing

If you’re looking for ways to restore and clean your vehicle to its like-new condition, professional car detailing can make it happen. This process costs more and takes more time than a standard car wash, but the results can be quite impressive. Before you get professional vehicle detailing, it’s good to know more about what’s involved. Read on for a few basics so you can choose the right car detailing service for your needs.

What is Vehicle Detailing?

The process of car detailing involves cleaning the interior and exterior thoroughly using high-quality products and tools. The outside of the car is washed and dried, the body of your car is wiped down with special products. Not only will the body of your car get clean, but the detailer will also clean and polish the door handles, rims, windows, and mirrors, too. Any excess grime or residue will be thoroughly removed from the outside of your vehicle to create a smooth surface. Once that’s complete, polishing buffs apply a special compound to remove the clear coat to make scratches disappear. Finally, wax or a ceramic coating is applied to restore your vehicle to a bright, smooth finish.

As for the interior of your car, vehicle detailing is quite intricate. It starts with vacuuming the carpets, floor mats, and trunk to get rid of crumbs and other debris. Any stains are fully scrubbed and brushed out until they’re removed, then the carpeting is steam cleaned. All of the windshields and windows will be cleaned from the inside for a crystal-clear finish. If you have leather seats or trim, a special leather cleaner will be used to remove any marks or stains. A leather conditioner and a protectant will then be applied to keep the upholstery in good condition. Finally, your car detailing might involve spraying a deodorant inside of your vehicle for that classic new-car smell.

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