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Nano-Brite EVO 7 Year Graphene Coating

Nano-Brite EVO 7 Year Graphene Coating

Nano-Brite Evo 10H is a 7-year graphene infused ceramic coating. Evo is unlike any other coating as it infused with graphene additives making it more hydrophobic, slick to the touch, glossier, thicker, reduces spotting on your vehicle more than a conventional coating, and higher contact angles. Evo is the evolution of ceramic coating and the start of a new form of paint protection. 

It is applied to car paint, plastic trims, bumpers, and rims with an easy onestep application. Its unique technology enables it to achieve a thick coating with 10Hardness, and this coating effectively protects your car. Nano-Brite coated surfaces gain a highly hydrophobic surface that results to an easy-clean. Water, mud, dust, grime;  they all slide off, requiring little to no 

time and effort for a superior shine.

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