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After Care: FAQ

Aftercare Instruction

Now that your vehicle is coated and protected from the elements taking care of your vehicle the right way is very important. These aftercare instructions will help maintain your vehicle with ease so that you may gain the maximum benefits of ceramic coating. 


Now that your vehicle has been coated and cured for 12 to 24 hours it will take 1 week to fully settle in and completely cure. Yes, the vehicle is driveable however there are a few conditions. Avoid washing your vehicle for 1 week as the coating has not settled in completely. Avoid rainy & snowy weather for 2 days once coating has been completed (eg. 12-24 hours of initial cure). Avoid tree sap and bird droppings to sit on your vehicle for an extended period of time. Avoid applying any waxes or any other after care products for 1 month.


Washing your vehicle is recommended every 2 weeks so that you avoid harsh contaminates to sit on your coated surfaces. The following guidelines are recommended when washing your vehicle;

  • Hand Wash with (2 bucket method with grit guards & chenille wash mitts)

  • Avoid rubbing in circular motions with wash mitts

  • Foam Gun Wash

  • pH balanced soaps only (Contact installer for recommendations)

  • Touch-less car washes are fine HOWEVER avoid the wax options as it is not necessary

  • Avoid using brush washes

  • Dry vehicle with heavy pile microfiber towels or air dryer, avoid harsh rubbing, never let the vehicle air dry as this will cause water spots which can etch the coated surface

  • Heavy water spots can be removed with 50 percent mixture of water and vinegar or using a waterspot remover


To boost your ceramic protection once washing is completed we recommend using the right products. Avoid using wax products as it is not necessary and potentially can have long-term effects on your coating. Use products that are SiO2 infused or polymer-based. We recommend using Auto-Brite Ceramic Shield to help boost your protection. It is safe and easy to use.


For maintaining your interior such as leather, carpet, and seats below are the following guidelines;

  • For leather DO NOT USE any harsh chemicals such as degreaser, leather cleaner, conditioner, or dressings. It is recommended to use just light soap and water mixture with a soft microfiber cloth

  • No hard brushes for leather cleaning

  • For carpet and cloth seats staining or spotting are hard to control however cleaning will be less intensive (try using a light cleaning solution with a soft microfiber towel)


An annual inspection of your coating is recommended 30 days before it`s anniversary date, failing to do so will VOID INSTALLER WARRANTY. Annual inspection coats are recommended so that you gain the maximum protection. Please schedule with installer for an appointment.

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